Transgenders realiseren zich meer en meer dat ze verkeerd voorgelicht zijn

Steeds meer transgenders melden zich voor om de geslachtsverandering operatief zoveel mogelijk weer ongedaan te maken. “The growing rates of depression in transgender people post-sex reassignment surgery is a legitimate area of concern and worthy of study. The fact that more and more transgender people are seeking to have their sex reassignment surgery reversed is also something that needs to be studied. People’s mental health is at stake. And isn’t one of the transgender lobby’s main talking points about how public attitudes and laws have a negative effect on the mental well-being of transgender people?The whole thing, of course, is a shell game. The transgender community, and the LGBT community at large, are unwilling to let the research move forward because it contradicts the narrative they desperately seek to protect. And that narrative is a lie.Boys cannot be girls, and girls cannot be boys. God created man and woman, and the Bible never disconnects gender from biological sex. In his short book Transgender, Vaughan Roberts helpfully explains, “We discover later in the Bible that the distinction between male and female is fundamental in contributing to a picture of the gospel and to the meaning and purpose of life.“”

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