Engeland: BBC bevestigt toename in misdaden en moorden door “vluchtelingen” in Duitsland in 2017

De BBC heeft in een “feiten controle” bevestigt dat er in Duitsland in 2017 een toename was in het aantal misdaden en moorden gepleegd door  o.a. “vluchtelingen” en illegalen. De onderzoeker geeft hiervoor een aantal verklaring:

“”It is because of the demographics,” claims Dr Dominic Kudlacek, from the Criminological Research Unit of Lower Saxony. “Whether they’re asylum seekers or EU migrants, they are younger than the average population and mostly male. Young men commit more crimes in every society.”

Other factors also influence the trend, says Dr Kudlacek.

“They have social deprivation, they are alone and they spend most of their time with other people suffering from these risk factors – the accommodation of the majority of asylum seekers is like refugee camps with little privacy, which again can add to the likelihood of committing crimes.”

Asylum seekers in Germany face bureaucratic hurdles before they’re allowed to find work, and while they receive some money from the state, it is limited.

Dr Kudlacek also points out that asylum seekers are often victims of crime as well.

A lot of the crime they commit, especially violent crime, they commit against other refugees.

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